This week is the culmination of collaborations that I've been planning for almost two years. I love a collaboration. Why? Because I've always believed the two brains are better than one and that working with other people creatively and collaboratively will get you a better result than by working alone. The ability to bounce ideas off other people, to brainstorm, to challenge and question concepts and to float sometimes left of field or quirky ideas and have them questioned, extrapolated, and challenged brings out the best in creative people.

I met Danii Ford two years ago when she photographed The Longest Lunch for Falls Creek Alpine Resort and then later when she did the photography for Traverse Alpine Group’s fabulous Pre-Mother's Day Lunch fundraiser for women’s shelter Betty’s Place at The Boat Shed in Wodonga.

Danii is a beautiful photographer. Many of us don't realise how much of her work we have seen over the years. She regularly shoots for XTM and over the years has done a lot of work for Falls Creek Alpine Resort and Traverse Alpine Group. Danii, quite simply, creates beautiful photos. I introduced myself to Danii and began telling her my story. How my ski vintage collection had come about and the business I was planning to start using my vintage collection as the focal point, and my desire to rent out my vintage clothing in attempt to embrace circular & sustainable fashion in the snow industry space. Danii immediately understood what I was trying to do.

It was Danii who suggested I talk to Brett Williams about a collaboration with him for his new gin business. Falls Creek Gin uses Falls Creek’s pure alpine water, locally sourced botanicals such as the alpine pepper berry and is distilled in Falls Creek using a copper reflux still. And the kicker that brought us together? The retro design for the bottle label showing a female skier. Danii thought we’d be a match made in heaven to cross promote each other’s businesses. My vintage ski clothing and Brett’s vintage inspired gin branding are the perfect collaboration. When I raised the idea with Brett, he enthusiastically agreed.

A few weeks ago, we held the photo shoot at Falls, with some more very generous collaborations. Friends Kylie France and Malaya Toll very kindly took the morning off work to play dress up with me and do some amateur modelling. I loathe having my photo taken. It generally takes me 2 years to look at a photo of myself and think ‘that’s a nice pic’. However, my desire to have photos taken of everyday people and professional models in my vintage snow gear was stronger than my own aversion at seeing myself in photos. I wanted to show that choosing a vintage outfit is about having fun with what you’re wearing, no matter what your age or shape.

Danii roped in some of her modelling mates, the fabulous and gorgeous Hannah, Liz & Steph. Lastly, we needed a lodge style venue to shoot some of the photos and my lovely friend Lisa Allport of the Falls Creek Hotel very kindly let us descend on the Hotel for a few hours. The outcome of all these collaborations? Pure gold! Magnificent photos highlighting my fabulous vintage snow outfits, Falls Creek Gin, the iconic Falls Creek Hotel and, the most important player of all, the glorious resort of Falls Creek and her surrounding mountain peaks. Kylie, Malaya, Hannah, Steph & Liz look glorious! I don’t know how they do it but, like switching on a light, when the camera was turned on them, they suddenly seemed to light up. Danii’s brilliance with the camera is evident in every still. I still don’t understand quite how she does it, but I appreciate the craft behind the result.

This weekend is the date for the Summit Masters competition, which since it’s resurrection has become one of the best opportunities to find a vintage outfit and dress up in something old for the weekend while competing in, or watching, the Summit Masters. If you’re interested in leaning into this trend, come on down to I Dream of Snow and find an outfit. I’ve got over 150 to choose from! You can also do your research online by checking out the vintage outfits I’ve got loaded onto the website

Have a great week and see you in store!


Cheers, Nyree

Above Foodworks, slight right through the public seating, through the bathroom corridor & up the short flight of stairs.